Fuel Cost Calculator

fuel cost calculators


Fuel calculators are designed to help determine the cost of fuel used during a journey or specific period of time and are a great way of helping to show which cars offer the most cost effective motoring options for you.

Our fuel calculators use three key elements - fuel price, fuel economy and expected mileage to determine exactly what your fuel cost for a journey or period of time are likely to be.

There are no doubt other important costs involved in running a car, but as fuel is probably the highest variable cost element of ownership of any vehicle, it's important to understand, when looking at fuel economy, how different MPG's, combined with mileage and the price of fuel, can affect your overall cost of motoring.

Calculate Fuel Cost here

Step 1 Input your car's MPG in the box below - remembering to input a suitable MPG for your journey type.

Step 2 Input the current fuel price per litre (in pence):

Step 3 Enter your journey distance or yearly mileage (in miles) below:

Your fuel cost will be: