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Intrigued to know the difference between what the official MPG figures for your car are, and what you're actually achieving whilst driving?

On the FIND AN MPG page we showed how you can search our database of every car manufactured since 2000 to find out the official government fuel consumption figures for your car - now we'll show you how to manually work out your car's MPG so you can see what you're really achieving.

Simply follow the steps below, and in no time you'll be working on ways to best to reduce your fuel consumption!

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Urban Fuel Economy Test
Fill your car's petrol tank and record your mileage

Urban Fuel Economy Test When ready to calculate your car's MPG, fill the tank up again and make a note of how many litres of fuel it's taken to fill back up to the limit, and also how many miles you've covered since you first filled up

Urban Fuel Economy Test
Divide the mileage by the number of litres used, and then to convert to MPG multiply by 4.546.

Urban Fuel Economy Test
You should now have your car's real MPG - simple!