Most Fuel Efficient Premium SUVs

Premium SUV & 4x4 cars - the best mpg's 2017...

Lexus RX450h

54.3mpg (combined)

3.5l Petrol Hybrid Auto with 120g/km C02

Work continues by manufacturers to improve MPG in the ever popular premium 4x4 class, with the Lexus RX450h currently coming out on top with a very credible 54.3 MPG (combined) and emissions of just 120g/km Co2.


53.3mpg (combined)

2.0l Diesel Auto with 139g/km C02

The BMW X5 comes in at number two and the best performing standard diesel engine premium SUV, albeit in it's sDrive 2-wheel drive form.


50.4mpg (combined)

2.0l Diesel Auto with 146g/km C02

The BMW X5 is back in at number 3, this time with its full 4x4 xDrive offering. It's amazing to think that only a few years ago, 4x4 'gas-guzzlers' were being pilloried in the press for their poor eco-credentials, and now, whilst not necessarily being 'green' quite yet, are certainly moving in the right direction.


Fourth Position
Audi Q7 3.0 V6 TDI

49.6mpg (combined) from a 3.0l Diesel Auto Engine with 148g/km C02

Fifth Position
Volvo XC90 D5

49.6mpg (combined) from a 2.0l Diesel Auto Engine with 149g/km C02

Sixth Position
Mercedes-Benz GLE 250d

47.9mpg (combined) from a 2.2l Diesel Auto Engine with 155g/km C02

Seventh Position
BMW X5/X6 xDrive 30d

47.9mpg (combined) from a 3.0l Diesel Auto Engine with 156g/km C02

Eighth Position
BMW X5 xDrive 40d

47.1mpg (combined) from a 3.0l Diesel Auto Engine with 157g/km C02

Ninth Position
BMW X6 xDrive 40d

45.6mpg (combined) from a 3.0l Diesel Auto Engine with 163g/km C02

Tenth Position
Range Rover/Sport TDV6 HEV

45.6mpg (combined) from a 3.0l Diesel Hybrid Engine with 164g/km C02